Health & Well-being - Safety in the Sun

When summer comes around, don’t forget to be safe in the sun with these simple tips:


  • Watch the clock – The sun is strongest from 11am – 3pm so avoid it;


  • Play it cool – Keep out of the sun and in the shade;


  • Wear it well – Make sure you apply lots of SPF sun cream, factor 15 or higher;


  • Keep it covered – Protect your skin by wearing cool tightly woven layers;


  • Know your skin type – This will determine just how quickly you’ll burn and damage your skin;


  • Check it out – If you have any moles, make sure you check them for changes and speak to your doctor about any concerns, no matter how small;


  • Do not use sunbeds – If you have to be tanned, fake it with spray on, lotions or creams;


  • Remember to protect the little ones – Young skin is extremely vulnerable and needs extra care.



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