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2011 AGM

The documents from the 2012 AGM are available here.

Championship Match Tickets

Motion passed at the 2010 AGM held on Sunday Nov 28th. That only those members that have paid their Registration before April 30th are eligible for ticket applications.Subject to availability in the first instance 1 ticket per member for Championship matches will be distributed in the following order:
1. Chairman
2. Vice-Chairman
3. Secretary
4. Treasurer
5. Committee Members including Code Secretaries

Note: From the balance remaining 25% will be removed to be made available for Tier 7, Youth being defined as those eligible to play Minors and younger. 6. Adult Members 7. Youth Members

A. If demand exceeds supply allocations will be distributed in sequential order as per 1-7 above.

B. If there are insufficient tickets to satisfy demand for all members in a specific tier a draw will take place between members within that tier only (if you have 5 tickets tier 1- 4 get one each with the fifth ticket being drawn between all members in tier 5 . This draw would not extend beyond tier 5.

C. In the event of surplus after the allocation of the 1st ticket, excess will be redistributed using the same process as stated in 'A' and 'B' above to those that ordered a second ticket.

D. Please note that payment of membership fees before April 30th should not be taken as a guarantee of receiving tickets Playing Rule changes

Child Protection

The Child Protection policy for Bredagh GAC is available from the "Downloads" section of the web-site.  All members and parents are encouraged to read this policy.

Any queries relating to the Club's Policies should be addressed to the club committee.

Club Constitution

The Club Constitution outlines the policies and procedures that Bredagh GAC, as a member of Cumann Lutchleas Gael, must adhere to.  Click here for the full text.